Rice County Burn Restrictions

To the citizens, landowners, tenants and people under protection of the Rice County Rural Fire District #1,

In accordance with recommendations by the KDHE, the Kansas Dept. of Agriculture, the Rice County Health Dept, and the Rice County Emergency Management along with the support of the Rice County Commissioners, the Station Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs of all Rice County Fire stations recently applied burn restrictions in Rice County Fire District #1. These restrictions shall remain in effect until further advised and will be evaluated weekly until it is deemed safe for the restricted activities to resume.

At this time these restrictions apply only to agricultural burning. There is no restriction to the burning of outdoor chiminea, fire places, grills, recreational burn/ fire pits and regular household trash within a container having an ember capturing lid. These types of burns are still allowed as long as they attended by a responsible person until the fire is completely out. A burn permit issued from the Rice County Emergency Communications Center is NOT needed for the nonrestrictive burns allowed at this time.

Please Note: The burn restriction decisions are not made by the Rice County Emergency Communications Center. One of their many duties is to issue burn permits as stipulated by the KDHE and the RCFD Dist. #1 requests. If you have questions regarding this notice or any actions of the RCFD Dist. #1 please contact your local Station Chief or myself.

Also Please note: The restrictions in place by RCFD Dist. #1 do not apply within the city limits of any municipality in Rice County that has an established Fire Dept. Any additions, deletions, restrictions or changes to their respective resolutions are determined by the local governing body.

Factors leading to current restrictions:

· The potential for unnecessary exposure of firefighters/families and the general public to Covid -19 virus.

· The potential loss of mutual aid by surrounding counties currently affected by the Covid-19 virus

· The potential loss of mutual aid from stations within the Rice County Fire District to other cities in Rice County due to potential Covid-19 exposure.

· Additional burning will cause an increased loss of air quality at this time. Since smoke can travel numerous miles before dissipating Covid-19 victims will be affected.

· The conservation of critical resources for local emergency responses.

· Our limited ability to fight wildland fires in a safe and effective manner due to high ground water underflows.


These are some, but not all of the considerations that have gone into this decision making process. I would like to reassure everyone that as a volunteer emergency response organization we will continue to respond to every call we receive. Our people take a risk with each response they make. Those responses usually have risks within a known or visible realm. To intentionally expose firefighters, their

families or the public to an unknown/unseen virus that can end in devastating consequences is not a chance worth taking.


Chief Ed Feil

Rice County Rural Fire Dist. #1

620 562-7962


Contact list for RCFD #1 Station Chiefs

Station 1, Lyons Ks Chief Brad Reid Contact: 620 680-1270

Station 2, Chase Ks Chief Jason Kilgore Contact: 620 204-8058

Station 3, Sterling Ks Chief Greg Klein Contact: 620 257-8248

Station 4, Alden Ks Chief Russ Kocher Contact: 620 931-5476

Station 5, Geneseo Ks Chief Chris Muse Contact: 620 803-1918

Station 6, Bushton Ks Chief Don Hoelscher Contact: 620 562-8405

Station 7, Little River Ks Chief Shawn Allan Contact: 620 755-3421

Station 8, Raymond Ks Chief Mike Lucas Contact: 620 680-0179