Planning & Zoning

Bruce Colle, PEF

718 W. 5th Street

Lyons, Kansas 67554
Phone: 620.257.5331
Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Mission StatementTo protect and enhance the natural resources of Rice County by providing reasonable control over practices which may adversely impact environmental conditions.

Program Description

The Rice County Environmental Protection Plan was developed to protect Rice County’s natural resources by regulating private water wells and on-site wastewater treatment systems. A sanitation code addressing these concerns was developed by an advisory committee appointed by the Rice County Commission. The Code was adopted by resolution in September 1991. The program receives funding from the Kansas State Water Plan fund through the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment.

Operations Description

The Sanitation Code requires permits for all new or modified construction of Private water wells or on-site wastewater treatment systems. Systems must be located and designed to adequately to serve its purpose and protect surface and ground water form contamination. Permit requests can be found here and handed in to Rice County Planning and Zoning. All necessary data will be collected, an inspection of the property will be conducted, and a review of the design with the homeowner and contractor to ensure systems are located and designed correctly. Permit fees are $25.00 for each permit. In addition, the inspector will inspect any rural residence for a mortgage inspection of adequacy of water wells and on-site wastewater treatment systems and collect water samples to test for nitrate and coliform bacteria levels. Water sample kits are available.