Citizen Survey

The Rice County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center is always striving to improve. We want your feedback on your experience. Please complete the form below. Our dispatchers always like to know when they have done their job well and we use positive criticism as a resource for improvement.

Call Center Survey

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If you had an emergency call, how would you rate the telecommunicator's ability to remain calm, handle the emergency and put you at ease?

Due to high call volume, it is sometimes necessary to put a non-emergency call on hold. If the Telecommunicator put you on hold, approximately how long did you wait for him or her to come back on the line?

If you were placed on hold, did the Telecommunicator explain to you, upon returning, why you were asked to hold?

If you requested information, was the information you were given helpful in solving your situation?

How would you rate the Telecommunicator's knowledge as it pertained to your situation?