Minutes – May 6, 2019

These minutes are unofficial until reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioner as official.

May 6, 2019
All Commissioners Present
Commissioner Wilson Presiding

1. Commissioner Wilson called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse.

2. Commissioner Wiens moved to approve the agenda with the deletion of Tom Robl at 9:30 and Tim Weaver at 10:30 and the addition of Chad Buckley at 9:30. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wilson.  Commissioner Wiens moved to approve the minutes of the April 29th session with the following change to paragraph 6: Tom reported on the first Airport Advisory Board Meeting that included a meeting scheduled with the engineer on May 20th, discussed the airport layout plan for the terminal, beginning in June the board will meet every 3rd Tuesday at 2:00 p.m., and various road issues.

The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wilson.

3. Lyons News has been sold to Main Street Media and operations are to continue as they have until further notice. Marci Detmer shared that there have been numerous compliments for the services that Law Enforcement provided for the Monday, April 29th  She hopes that the Commissioners will use this time to review wages of the officers as a way to show their value and the Commissioners appreciation.

4. Commissioner McCloud moved to enter into an agreement with FE Moran for monitoring for the fire alarm system that will add $40 per month to the current charge for a monthly total of $70. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wilson.

5. Commissioner Wiens discussed the work comp policy and upon further research, our policy is correct and no changes will be made.

6. Alice Prester and Rocky Gaines appeared to present the 2020 Budget request for the Council on Aging. The amount of the request is $233,500.

7. Lyons City Administrator Chad Buckley and Audree Aguilera, Lyons Community Development Coordinator appeared to present information regarding the Airport Layout Plan. Chad will get a copy of the plan to the Commissioners for review.

8. Public Works Administrator Tom Robl appeared and discussed job descriptions and wages for a couple of department positions.

9. EMS/EM Director Greg Klein appeared to present quarterly updates to the Commissioners. He presented and explained quarterly run data, profit & loss, and Sales by Month reports.  Greg reported that one of the department cardiac monitors will no longer be supported and they are looking at replacing the unit.  He discussed repairs to the Sterling EMS building.  Greg discussed the wireless message system statistics and presented the annual invoice from Inspiron Logistics.  Commissioner Wiens moved to approve the invoice from Inspiron Logistics for the annual payment of the WENS System in the amount of $4,750 to be funded from the Administrative Fund.  The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner McCloud.

10. County Clerk Alicia Showalter presented a document regarding a Flood Insurance quote from KCAMP. Commissioners determined that they do not need the quote and signed the document appropriately.

11. Public Health Administrator Marci Detmer appeared to present information regarding the Community Baby Shower that is sponsored by the Health Department. Marci requested information on the determination of salaries and if there is a policy. Commissioner McCloud indicated that raises were determined on a preferred and un-preferred basis.  Following a discussion, the Commissioners will research the salary of various employees and report back at a future session.

12. Rural Fire Chief Ed Feil appeared to present updates to the Commissioners. He discussed truck replacements. Commissioners asked several questions.  Ed will get some additional information together and report back at next week’s session.  Ed discussed the purchase of a used rescue truck.  Commissioners authorized Ed to pursue the purchase of the used rescue truck and report back at the next session.

13. Commissioner Wilson adjourned the meeting.


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