Minutes – September 10, 2018

These minutes are unofficial until reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioner as official.

September 10, 2018
All Commissioners Present
Commissioner McCloud Presiding

1. Commissioner McCloud called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse.

2. Commissioner Wiens moved to approve the agenda and the minutes of the August 27th session as prepared. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wilson.

3. There was a question regarding Kobach’s recall from Beth.

4. Remington Dalke did not appear to present his quarterly department report.

5. Deputy Clerk Aurelia Garcia presented the commissioners with a delegate form from KCamp to be signed, a department head appraisal form and a monthly irrigation service contract. Commissioner McCloud will contact the irrigation company.

Aurelia presented a resolution to increase election workers pay which has not been increased since 2008. Commissioner Wiens moved to adopt Resolution 15-2018 to increase the election workers pay. Following a second by Commissioner Wilson, the motion carried unanimously.

6. Public Works Administrator Tom Robl appeared to report that the underground fuel tank at the airport has been removed and the area has been filled in with dirt. KDHE has not issued the final report however, the BTLA (Bottom Tank Leak Assessment) report showed no contamination. Tom reported that once a few areas in Sterling and Alden are finished the sealing will be completed. Tom stated that the mowing and grading is difficult to keep up with due to the weather. Tom informed the Commissioners that the Pre-construction Striping meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th in Great Bend. Tom discussed adding a spur from Hwy 56 into Little River to the striping project. There was a discussion on how Tom should handle requests from townships for help replacing signs. Tom will come up with a proposal for reasonable costs for regular and off hours. Courthouse maintenance forms were discussed. Road & Bridge employees will sign off on each item repaired and the forms will be saved. Tom discussed the retirement of the Road & Bridge Office manager on October 18, 2018. Aurelia asked about the possibility of the R & B office to be operated 5 days a week for billing purposes. Tom will investigate the need and discuss this with the commissioners later.

7. EMS Director Greg Klein appeared to discuss the possible need for a disaster declaration for the County due to the flooding. He stated that to qualify for funding the uninsured portion of the damages must meet the $36,000 threshold. A declaration may be made while waiting for estimates to be received from the Townships affected by the flooding.

8. Audree Aguilera appeared to present invoice #39 in the amount of $1885.70 from Kirkham Michael for the airport runway project. Commissioner Wilson moved to approve Invoice #39 in the amount of $1885.70 to Kirkham Michael. Audree offered compensation on behalf of the City for Chief Holliday’s use of a Sheriff’s vehicle. Commissioners agreed to waive any compensation on the good gesture that they may need a favor in the future.

9. Commissioners reviewed the recommendations for tree removal on the courthouse lawn.

10. Tim Weaver appeared for approval for a new hire. Commissioners approved the employment status form.

11. Josh Michaelis appeared to discuss Radio Project updates. Josh informed the commissioners that the amount of the 1st invoice was a different amount than he first anticipated because the 20% equipment subscriber fee was not included. Josh informed the commissioners that the ceiling of the EMS basement is 7’ 4” and the racks are 7’ 6” however, they do offer a 7’ rack. It was suggested that the drop ceiling could be raised in that area to accommodate the racks if needed. Josh is getting bids for the remodel of the EMS basement. Commissioners would like the bids by September 28th.

12. Josh extended an invitation to the commissioners to attend the final design testing which is scheduled for October 3rd in Elgin Illinois. Motorola will absorb the cost of a rental van however; any lodging costs will be paid by the County. If all goes well with the demo the equipment will be shipped on October 5th. Josh submitted tower lease agreements to be reviewed by the County Counselor. Josh mentioned the possibility of selling the old radio equipment as well as the subscriber equipment to a resale company. Josh reported that MTC will begin the fire optic process and that Road & Bridge will remove trees where necessary and clean out any debris needed to complete the fire optic project.

13. Appraiser Gayla Godfrey appeared to discuss an NRP extension that was due on 7/15 but submitted on 8/28. Gayla informed the commissioners that the Central Prairie Co-op BOTA (Board of Tax Appeal) hearing will be held in March of 2019. Gayla discussed the possible need to upgrade to orthophotography for more accurate boundary lines which considers any curves.

14. Commissioner McCloud moved to enter into executive session from 11:20 – 11:45 for attorney client privilege. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wiens. County Counselor Scott Bush, Appraiser Gayla Godfrey and Megan Vincent from Kansas Ethanol were present for the session.

Commissioners returned to open session.

15. Danica Huddleston appeared on behalf of the Christmas Parade Committee to request the placement of an artificial Christmas tree on the north west side of the courthouse lawn. The commissioners agreed to allow the use of the courthouse lawn with an agreement that it will be taken down by January 1, 2019. Danica mentioned the possibility of planting a donated Christmas tree on the courthouse lawn and would assume all upkeep associated with the tree. The commissioners will revisit this request later.

Danica submitted pricing for cleaning supplies on behalf of Woydziak Hardware that had been requested by the commissioners. Aurelia will get a copy of an invoice to Danica so that she can price paper towels for the bathroom dispensers through her vendor.

16. Commissioners agreed to have Freedom Claims obtain health insurance bids.

17. Commissioners agreed to check vouchers on Thursday, September 13th at 3pm.

Commissioner McCloud adjourned the meeting.



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