Minutes – June 18, 2018

These minutes are unofficial until reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioner as official.

June 18, 2018
All Commissioners Present
Commissioner McCloud Presiding

1. Commissioner McCloud called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse.

2. Commissioner Wilson moved to approve the agenda and the minutes of the June 11th session as prepared. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner McCloud.

3. There were no public comments.

4. Randy Hofmeier with Lindburg, Vogel, Pierce, & Faris appeared to review the 2017 Audit. He reviewed the entire audit and answered questions.

5. Public Works Administrator Dennis Wray and Assistant Tom Robl appeared to present updates to the Commissioners. Dennis discussed the replacement of the truck for the landfill that hauls trash to Reno County.  He presented quotes as follows:
Mack                         $  99,237.00
Kenworth                  $100,700.00
Volvo                         $106.534.00
Peterbilt                     $117,335.00
Dennis reported that a 60 month extended warranty is $3,205.00.  Commissioner Wilson moved to purchase a Kenworth truck in the amount of $100,700.00 to replace a 1999 International.  The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner McCloud.  Dennis reported that they are putting together the Charter resolution for road signs.  Commissioners approved the placement of the signs.  Dennis reported that the Federal Exchange Fund has gone back to 90 cents per dollar.  Dennis presented his quarterly department report including the budget balances for his various funds and if the fuel at the airport can get pumped out then Dennis can proceed with getting the fuel tank taken out of service.  Tom discussed the radio project and what would be needed for the department.

6. Larry Sharp with KCAMP appeared to present the annual report for the Rice County usage of the agency for property and liability issues. Commissioners requested the County Clerk to followup on the programs offered by KCAMP.

7. Nolan Bristow & Travis Hegg with ThyssenKrupp Elevator appeared to present information for the elevator upgrade. They reported that the tentative start date would be August 27th and the elevator down time would be approximately 3 weeks.

8. Appraiser Gayla Godfrey appeared to request permission for a purchase. She presented a copy of an ag mailer that is required to be mailed.  Gayla explained that she mails a one of four tiers each year and doesn’t send to anything under 10 acres.  She has a one-time setup fee of $1,000 and then will be maintained by Kimble Mapping.  Gayla will be able to print and mail them each year.  Commissioner Wilson moved to authorize the $1,000 setup fee to Kimble Mapping for ag mailers.  The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wiens.

9. County Clerk Alicia Showalter presented a document for Kansas Association of Counties for voting delegates for the annual conference. Commissioner McCloud moved to nominate Commissioner Wiens as the voting delegate, Commissioner Wilson as the 1st Alternate and Appraiser Gayla Godfrey as the 2nd  The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wiens.

10. Alicia requested a decision regarding the use of leave (earned or vacation) to meet the 160 hour requirement as explained in the employee manual. Commissioners authorized for the pay period being paid on June 21st that the employees be paid for the hours worked and not charged for leave as long as they have worked their scheduled hours. Alicia will proceed with payroll and provide additional requested information to the Commissioners next month.

11. Commissioner McCloud moved to enter into executive session from 11:50 to 12:00 noon for a non-elected personnel matter concerning policy. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wiens. County Counselor Scott Bush and County Clerk Alicia Showalter.

12. Commissioners returned to open session.

13. Commissioner McCloud adjourned the meeting.


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