Minutes – October 30, 2017

These minutes are unofficial until reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners as official. 

October 30, 2017
All Commissioners Present
Commissioner McCloud Presiding

1. Commissioner McCloud called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse.

2. Commissioner Wiens moved to approve the agenda and the minutes of the October 23rd minutes with the following correction to paragraph 10:

Acting County Counselor Dan Shanelec appeared to discuss indigent attorney contracts.  Commissioners will obtain additional information and further discussion will be conducted at the next session.

The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wilson.

3. There were no public comments.

4. Commissioners reviewed and discussed various parts of the employee handbook.

5. Appraiser Gayla Godfrey appeared to discuss the discontinuing of optional benefits for employees. Commissioners reiterated that they are not wishing to offer these benefits.  Gayla discussed the spreadsheet that was sent out regarding meetings and trainings.

6. Public Works Administrator Dennis Wray appeared to present updates to the Commissioners. Dennis reported that the culverts for 22nd Road between Avenue T and Avenue U are in and asphalt for the repairs of the road.  He reported that he is waiting on another quote about crushing concrete and will be in next session for approval.  Dennis reported on a citizen wanting to build a fence in the county right-of-way and he recommended that we not allow this to be done.  Commissioners approved the CIC Annual Peopleware contract for the Public Works department software.

7. Deputy County Clerk Aurelia Garcia presented the information from KVK Inc. about the replacement of the air conditioning unit for the Courthouse. Commissioners discussed the issue and will table the replacement for this year.  Commissioners requested that Zach with KVK appeared in the near future to further discuss a plan for the replacement.  Commissioner Wilson moved to approve the chairman sign the letter of support for the Council on Aging.   The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wiens.

8. Sheriff Bryant Evans appeared and presented the spreadsheet for meetings/trainings expenses that the Commissioners had requested and provided explanations. Commissioners asked about lodging expenses and Bryant will get that information for presentation at a future session.  Bryant discussed a defensive driving course that would require the use of a vehicle from the Sheriff’s office.  He reported that all the officers have had the training that he is describing.  The Commissioners informed him that they feel that the officers could review dash cam videos and conduct discussions for learning purposes.

9. County Counselor representative Scott Bush appeared to the meeting. Commissioners continued to discuss various parts of the employee manual and asked for guidance from the County Counselor for correct wording.

10. Dan Copeland with All American appeared to discuss the optional benefits. He reported that he has documents for employees to enroll for bank drafts for the premiums for optional benefits. Dan asked that the Commissioners reconsider their decision.  Commissioners told Dan that they would consider his request.

11. County Counselor representative Scott Bush presented a policy for social media for the Commissioners to consider for the employee handbook. Commissioners continued to discuss various parts of the employee handbook.

12. Kristi Darnauer and Tina Enlow appeared for an executive session. Commissioner Wiens moved to go into executive session from 11:32 to 12:00 for a non-elected personnel matter. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wilson.  Scott Bush, Dr. Kristi Darnauer and Tina Enlow were present for the session.

Commissioners returned to open session.

13. Commissioner McCloud moved to change back to the 171 hours per 28 days before overtime for Law Enforcement beginning November 3, 2017. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wiens.

14. Commissioners reviewed and approve month-end vouchers.

15. Commissioner McCloud adjourned the meeting.


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