Minutes – September 11, 2017

These minutes are unofficial until reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners as official.

September 11, 2017
All Commissioners Present
Commissioner McCloud Presiding

1. Commissioner McCloud called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse.

2. Commissioner Wiens moved to approve the agenda and the minutes of the August 28th session as prepared. The motion carried unanimously following a second by Commissioner Wilson

3. There were no public comments.

4. Commissioners conducted a study session on revisions for the employee manual. Commissioners will review the types of leave at the next session and have requested input from research conducted by the department heads.

5. Public Works Administrator Dennis Wray appeared to present updates to the Commissioners. He reported that the annual sealing project is complete.  Dennis will be attending a meeting this week on the striping and signing project.  He will be attending a meeting this week as well concerning the Federal Funding Exchange.  Dennis reported on numerous traffic signs being stolen recently.  Dennis reported on a program by KDOT that will be rating the weight limits on the bridges in Rice County.  They will be reviewing 40 bridges this year and this will bring the weight limits up to standards.

6. Treasurer Clint Bieberle appeared and requested an executive session. Commissioner Wiens moved to enter into executive session from 10:02 to 10:15 for non-elected personnel issues concerning Family Medical Leave.  The motion carried following a second by Commissioner Wilson.  County Clerk Alicia Showalter was present for the session.

Commissioners returned to open session.

7. Economic Development Director Stacy Clark appeared to present updates to the Commissioners. Stacy reported on the Loan Program, Tourism, Continuing Education, Celebrations, Public Relations and Strategic Planning.

8. Noxious Weed Director Levi Beaver appeared to present updates to the Commissioners. He presented quotes for a truck purchase for the department.  The quotes are:
Midway Motors (Chevy)              $28,407.00
Rickabaugh Motors (Chevy)      $29,342.85
Marmie Motors (Ford)                  $30,917.00

Commissioners requested a quote for a Dodge truck. Levi will get the quote and report back at the next session.

9. County Clerk Alicia Showalter requested permission for a group from the Catholic Church to use the courthouse sidewalk for a rosary event. Commissioners granted permission for the event.  Alicia presented information about the Courthouse trees.  Commissioners requested additional quotes and Alicia will follow up on getting the quotes.

10. Commissioners requested that voluntary benefits be discussed at the next session to obtain input from the department heads.

11. Commissioners agreed to meet at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 14th to review and approve mid-month vouchers.

12. Commissioner McCloud adjourned the meeting.


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